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Broken and Damaged Pipes

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Based in Engadine we service all areas of the Sutherland Shire, Illawarra, Wollongong and St George areas of NSW for Emergency and 24 Hour Plumbing Services for those emergency and unexpected situations around your home is what we do best.

Broken and Damaged Pipes

Broken or Damaged Pipes are definitely a plumbing emergency and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you notice any water damage to walls or cupboards or something more evident like a leaking tap get in touch with us as soon as possible by calling 0414 651 351.

Broken Pipes can quickly cause damage to your property and resulting in costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. We can’t stress the importance of calling a emergency plumber immediately who will instruct you to shut off the main valve to stop any further damage until we can arrive on site.

Broken or Damaged Pipes are usually caused by a number of conditions, be it the age of your pipes, obstructions in pipes causing pressure buildup such as tree roots or debris, water hammer and in some cases cheap faulty products used by unlicensed plumbers.

Broken, Damaged or Burst Pipes, don't risk it!

It can be extremely inconvenience to have to deal with a broken or damaged pipe in your home. You may not even realise straight away that the water pipe has broken to suddenly discover there is no water in the kitchen or bathroom tap, or that the water pressure from the tap has reduced. All these can be signs of broken or damaged pipes and its one of the most common problems that homeowners are faced with.

With our leak detection and prevention technology services and pipe locating devices we can quickly and easily pinpoint the problem area and repair it immediately.


Left untouched a broken pipe can cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Don’t risk it, call today!

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