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LPG Gas Fitter Engadine

You’ve decided to make the switch to gas, or you’re considering it and you’d like a quote or some advice on how this could be achieved. You’ll be wanting to secure the services of a professional gas fitter, such as an LPG gas fitter Engadine.

What is an LPG gas fitter Engadine? 

An LPG gas fitter is a tradesperson who is specifically qualified, trained and registered in carry out services relating to the repair, maintenance, renovation or installation of LPG (liquid petroleum gas). You may find that your LPG gas fitter Engadine is a plumber also, frequently these two go hand in hand. However, it’s important to check this fact: not all plumbers are qualified with gas and, being the volatile substance it is, this is not something you’ll want to be taking a chance on. Ask the questions straight up and do the research to avoid any unnecessary headaches (or explosions!)

What sort of work of does an LPG gas fitter Engadine carry out? 

A qualified LPG gas fitter can carry out any work relating to the LPG gas system in your home or business. This may entail installing an entirely new gas system in a property where there has previously be none, renovating or upgrading existing systems such as hot water, stoves or heating, or checking over existing lines in newly purchased homes to ensure they are in good working order.

An LPG gas fitter will also offer a repair service, often a 24 hour call out service. They will carry out any duties to secure any potential issues and repair the problem to a high (and therefore safe) standard.

The gas fitter should issue you with a certificate of the work carried out ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Do I have to use the services of an LPG gas fitter Engadine? 

Yes. Danger and potential for disastrous consequences aside, it’s not worth voiding the warranty on your appliances by having unauthorised or uncertified work carried out. This also includes performing any renovations whereby the gas has a need to be switched off in order for renovations to be carried out.

I can smell gas. What should I do?

Act immediately. Call your gas fitter for urgent attention and follow their advice. If you can, turn the gas off at the source and if it’s safe to do so ventilate the room where possible. Vacate the premises. It is not recommended you attempt any sort of repair yourself.