A Nasty Surprise During a Sewer Line Blockage in Helensburgh

Whilst digging to repair a sewer line blockage in Helensburgh NSW, we recently came across one of Sydney’s most feared creature on eight legs.

This female Funnel Web Spider was probably minding her own business and didn’t count on the team at South East Plumbing having to excavate her surrounds to get to the sewer pipe blockage.

Australian funnel-webs are one of the most dangerous groups of spiders in the world and are regarded by some to be the most deadly, both in terms of clinical cases and venom toxicity. Six species have caused severe injuries to human victims, including the Sydney funnel-web (Atrax robustus), northern tree funnel-web (Hadronyche formidabilis), southern tree funnel-web (H. cerberea), Blue Mountains funnel-web (H. versuta), Darling Downs funnel-web (H. infensa), and the Port Macquarie funnel-web (H. macquariensis).

A number of the species produce venom which is dangerous to humans and bites by spiders of six of the species have caused severe injuries to victims. The bite of the Sydney funnel-web spider is potentially deadly, but no fatalities have occurred since the introduction of modern first-aid techniques and antivenom .

In any case we had to have our wits about us, as further excavation was required to get to the crux of this sewer mains blockage.