How to Avoid Blocked Drains

In order to avoid a problem you have to understand how it is caused in the first place. Blocked drains are usually caused by the lodging of a foreign object, or a build up of matter which restricts the smooth departure of water through the drain. This restriction, without attention, can increase in size and block the drain completely.

Initial Signs That There May Well Be Blocked Drains:

Sluggish water draining – you may notice this particularly in the shower when a good few inches of water have suddenly gathered around your feet which is an anomaly…)

Bad smells – are often a sign that not all is right down the pipes. A gathering of matter could be in there rotting away slowly. Either way, a bad smell is worth investigating!

Ways to Try to Avoid the Issue:

Don’t use a drain like you use your rubbish bin. Avoid putting any sort of items or objects such as food matter and small bits of rubbish in the drain. If this is unavoidable, take steps to reduce the problem such as purchasing a removable cover for your sinkhole acting in a role like a sieve that can be lifted up and emptied into the bin regularly.

What to Do if You Have Blocked Drains:

The first place people commonly start is with the purchase of a drain cleaner that can be purchased in a supermarket or hardware store. These are harsh chemicals and should definitely kept away from small children as they can easily do a lot of harm. Consider your family’s safety when using such a product. Sometimes the blocked drain issue is nothing more than a build up of soap scum or hair in a drain that has got itself lodged restricting the free flow of water. A drain cleaner will not dislodge a solid foreign object, it dissolves natural objects.

Some people prefer to poke around in the drain with an object to see if the blockage can be dislodged. Remember to use a suitable and hardy object to save said object becoming trapped itself and adding further to your problem.

Calling a plumber is a fairly hassle free, solution certain option. Plumbers have specialist equipment (including cameras if the problem is further down the pipe than what you could ever see) that can rectify the situation safely and effectively.

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