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5 Plumbing Quick Tips

In most cases a plumbing emergency is exactly that and one that will require you to contact us on 0414 651 351. But rest assured not every broken pipe or tap leak will result in an emergency call, here are 5 quick plumbing tips you can perform around the home to ensure our next visit is later rather than sooner.

One of the most common issues in residential plumbing is homeowners failing to spot the warning signs. Often, minor issues re overlooked and routine checks are not performed. We know how busy life is sometimes, but dedicating even an 30 minutes to an hour every month to checking plumbing hot spots will save you money in the long run..

Keep in mind not every dripping tap is a emergency plumbing disaster waiting to happen, but can be an early indication of something more serious. The interesting thing is – many of the plumbing emergencies we handle in Sutherland Shire, Illawarra and Wollongong areas are avoidable and preventable.

You’ll all agree that it’s often easier, faster and cheaper for you to hire experienced plumbers to fix these minor issues before they become major disasters. But before a leak turns into a torrent, here are 5 simple plumbing checks and tips you can do for yourself to easily identify the warning signs.

  1. Check for wet or damp areas – Most likely these are located under sinks and in cupboards where plumbing is visible. Look and feel around the pipes for any water or water drips
  2. Low Water Pressure – If you find the flow of water on your shower or taps has diminished in any way this could be a sign of a blocked drain or leaking tap or broken pipe.
  3. Check Hot Water System – Keep an eye out for any rusted areas around the pipes and on top where water can sometimes pool
  4. Smelly Drains – The nose knows…if your sink is starting to smell this could be a sign of drain blockages and/or grease buildup in the pipes.
  5. Gas Leaks – A quick an easy way to check for any gas leaks is to spray some soapy water onto the gas shut off valve, located near the water heater. If you see any sign of bubbles forming, this might indicate a gas leak!

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